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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The FA’s safeguarding position on one-to-one coaching for under 18s?

One-to-one coaching for under 18s is not allowed as there must always be at least two DBS checked people present and supervising under 18s. 

Is football allowed in schools and education settings? 

The Department for Education has now updated its guidance which you can find here. No inter-school competitions are allowed and there are restrictions on extra-curricular activities. 

Is delivery in further education still allowed? 

Sport and physical education as part of education and training can continue. Competition between different colleges should not take place, in line with the wider restrictions on grassroots sport. 

Can schools football outside of a school setting at the weekend still take place (i.e. school district teams, County Schools Association representative teams)?

The UK Government has confirmed that while school sport can continue, no grassroots sport can take place outside of the school setting until Wednesday 2 December 2020. 

Can football facilities stay open? 

Outside of school, other education settings and ‘non-elite’ football, the UK Government has ordered certain businesses and venues to close to reduce social contact. These include indoor and outdoor community sports facilities.